voip billing providers overview

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voip billing providers overview

  • Adore All-in-One SIP Server and Client v2.2.1 - new released with Class5 features

  • Aradial AAA for Billing Solutions

  • benotos offers free callshop billing system 4-level billing system: reseller-subreseller-callshop-customer, 2 different routes, nice easy to use interface, intelligent ratemanager, online payment, detailled reports, receipt printing with own logo, white labelled, use your own brand and domain name and much more features. About 9000 callshops around the world are using our excellent callshop billing solution already. Free signup - best rates on market - low payment amounts

  • BillCall - Telecom Resource Management for wholesale Voip CarriersPanamax‚Äôs Telecom Billing Solution BillCall provides solutions for End-User billing, Carrier Access Billing (CABS), CDR Mediation, Rating & Routing.

  • CCM Billing Affordable CDR billing solution for Cisco CallManager telephony systems.

  • Cybercallshop ultimate callshop server Incredible advanced online callshop server 100% standalone able to handle many shop, simply the best software to get customer loyalty because it's many more than simple online booth billing.

  • Cyneric Fully Integrated Billing Solution Platform. Compatible with: Cisco, Radius, Mera, SIP, SER, Asterisk, Quintum, SNOM, Audiocode.

  • DORETEL Communications, Inc. Hosted Calling Card Solution, Hosted Wholesale VoIP Billing Platform, Hosted SoftSwitch Solution, Hosted Call Shop

  • DTH Free Call Rating Service was designed for companies who need to rate their customer's calls but can't yet justify implementing a full VoIP Billing and Customer Management system.

  • DTH Cloud Billing Hosted VoIP Billing Software in a cloud. Our solution can automatically collect your CDRs from various switches, PBXs or directly from your carriers. We will then rate, tax and invoice them on a schedule that you can control. 

  • dtlvoip is hosted VoIP billing and switching service provided by DataTechLabs since 2002.

  • Call Shop Billing We are leading providers offering call shop billing solutions. We offer our services to many businesses and residential clients who wish to make international calls. Visit us now to test our services.

  • Dynasoft TeleFactura Outsourced - Full ASP outsourced billing services for the Telecoms industry with suites of Web applications made available to your end-users.

  • EasyITSP Open Source ITSP and Hosted PBX software for Asterisk

  • EZ Calling Card Hosted VoIP calling card platform with premium A-Z VoIP termination.

  • Haagenti Group Inc has operations in Berlin providing A-Z wholesale termination, hosted VoIP applications, call forwarding, LCR and intelligent call routing as well as VoIP and GSM carrier (TAP3) billing

  • Inovaware Corporation - VOIP-Pro: fully hosted VOIP billing, rating, provisioning, help desk and customer care solutions. Flexible, scalable and robust architecture for billing voip carriers of all sizes.

  • IntraISP TurnKey, Hosted VoIP billing solution delivering credit card transaAdmin and Client Side, plus

  • iPhonica provides Hosted Calling Card Platform for Prepaid/Postpaid Services, Vonage Type Prepaid Phone Services and Integrated Next Generation Billing Platform.

  • IPsmarx technology, Inc. VoIP Billing Solutions such as: Softswitch, Calling Card, Call Back, Call Shop, IP PBX, PC2Phone & More.

  • ITSPtec Complete mature VOIP Billing System for the major open source telephony engines namely Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Yate and OpenSIPS. Offers Carrier services, calling card, residential, and multi-tenant PBX systems. Hundreds of installations. Includes pre and post paid account management, invoicing, rate plans, special packages, payments, rates, vouchers, CDR reports, billing reports and more!. View percentage profitability on call termination per customer account, daily, weekly and monthly. See * ITSPtec

  • LogiSense Corporation EngageIP(TM) End to end convergent VoIP billing and OSS software, rating, mediation, provisioning, pre-post paid, dealer/agent management, residential/commercial.

  • Mizutech billing solutins Based on the Windows/MS-SQL platform: prepaid/postpaid, IVR, calling cards, reseller (unlimited level) and call shop billing.

  • Rodopi Software - Hosted Billing and Provisioning for e-commerce, VoIP, Internet, Triple Play, Prepaid

  • SIPCarrier Full featured SIP reseller and calling card system, available FREE to SIPCarrier wholesale termination customers.

  • Squire Technologies VoIP Wholesale Billing - Carrier Grade wholesale billing and management platform that enables TDM and VoIP operators to launch, price and provision Prepaid/Postpaid wholesale services

  • SysAdminMan - Hosted Asterisk servers in the UK since 2009. Trixbox, Elastix, PBX-in-a-Flash, FreePBX, A2Billing.

  • Tribess  - Voice billing and management platform for voice carriers to operate and optimize their voice operations. Tribess' application suit provides customer/interconnect CDR rating and billing, real-time control of margins, costs and revenues, forecasting, destination routing including switch provisioning, quality and fraud reporting.

  • x164 Route for Profit is Outsourced Telecom Service, including Hosted rates, routes and statistics, Online routing by highest profit, Call data records database, Online rate generator and Hosted softswitch. x164 is the official reseller of iXLink.